Friday, 6 July 2012

Hi all

Sorry this blog has been neglected for so long.  Doing full time Uni online has left me little time for anything, including artwork and blogging.  I just received my results for the first two units, which were Art and Creativity and Issues in Contemporary Art.   I am pleased to say that I passed (thank God).  I'm now trying to tackle the next two units, Web Communications and Printmaking.  Passed the first printmaking assignment with a credit - just sent off my second (a big important one).  Now I have to get cracking on the next assignment for Web Communications and I'm two weeks behind (the story of my life!). 

As part of Web Communications I have to set up a whole new web presence online, which means I have to set up a new blog somewhere and about 4 other sites.  So far I have set up a one, a new Twitter one (Heatherian02), I've joined Google+ (I needed another social networking site to keep up with like I needed a hole in the head!). 

I am still trying to be the editor of the PCAC Newsletter too, so naturally my house is looking like a rubbish tip on a bad day.  The cat, chooks and birds are all sulking because they are feeling neglected and  are seeking affection elsewhere.  Sootypuss is now almost permanently and sulkily parked in Ron's lap and the chooks are camped on the back door mat full time, in the hopes of a kind word (or food magically appearing).  And we have acquired another stray cat (really needed that as well).  He was semi wild and is starting to tame up.  Cost us over $500 at the vet when we found him all beat up - so got him fixed up, desexed, immunised, etc. etc. etc.  He responds to "Puss Puss" so I guess that is his name now (really original that).  Needless to say Sooty Puss is not impressed and there's a sort of fragile truce in place at the moment which allows for no encroaching into personal space.  There's a similar truce on the back door mat as the cat and chooks compete for territory (cluck, cluck, sqawk, hiss, hiss).  Of course the chooks and back yard birds are all trying to steal the cat's food, so I am now feeding him inside.  Also trying to keep him in at night so he doesn't cost us more money.

I am enjoying printmaking (except for assignments) and wish I had more time to spend on it.  I just completed a lino print for printmaking - the theme had to be about transformation.  I chose to depict the way in which sunlight and water have transformed the planet - creating landforms, atmosphere, climate, life in the water on land and in the air.  I printed it on yellow silk paper (yellow for the sun light) which is made from products produced by living beings (silkworms), which I thought was appropriate for a work about life being created.   Anyway, this is it: 

My new site, if anyone is interested is at
It has mostly printmaking and a few art links at this stage. 
Anyway, I better go now.  This blog was a little bit of procrastination on my part - I've been avoiding doing my Web Communications stuff all day so far, so I better get cracking.

Cheers all.