Saturday, 26 March 2011

Umbrellas Again

Hi all

Well, I finally completed another in my Umbrella Series of paintings.  This latest one is called "Umbrella Jellyfish" and it is a watercolour.  I drew umbrellas in a pattern that looked (to me) like a jellyfish and then painted them with translucent watercolours to try and make them look like graceful delicate jellyfish, whilst still being umbrellas.  Not sure if everyone will agree I suceeded, but I'm happy with it for now.  Next one is umbrellas in space - have drawn umbrellas into a pattern that looks like a space module (well I think it does).  Can't decide whether to paint them in bright colours against a dark universe or whether to make them look a bit more like standard space craft ( white with red and blue touches) - ahhh decisons, decisions!  

Am still chuffed about selling 2 paintings at the Port Art Show, but must get cracking and do more paintings!  I've got artwork in a few more Artfire collections today too, so it is nice people are noticing my work and like it enough to want to include it in their collections  (on Artfire I am heatherian).  I am most grateful to them for the exposure.

Tie dye is progressing and a few more DinamikTiDi items will appear on Artfire and Zibbet hopefully over the next few days.  Time for coffee I think.  Cheers.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Butterflies for Rosemary

Hi all,

I'm about the go to work, but just thought I'd let you know I have just put a new Artfire collection up called "Butterflies for Rosemary".  For those who don't know, an artfire collection is where we put up a collections of items we like made by other people on Artfire.  I did this one for my friend Rosemary, who is busy breeding lots of butterflies in her back yard - such a nice thing to do with your garden.  So, if you like butterflies check it out at the Artfire collections site

Hope you enjoy it and if you are really in to butterflies if you go to the Artfire browse section and type in butterflies you will get pages more of lovely hand crafted butterfly items.

These are photos I took of some of Rosemarys caterpillars.  They are hungry little guys!  

Fascinated With Photos

Today my tie dye has taken second place to my camera.  I bought in a whole batch of tie dye from the clothes line intending to iron it, photograph it and try putting a photo on this blog.  However, I was tired and it was such a beautiful day that I  decided I would rather be outside.  So I went out into the chaos that is my back yard, pushed my way past the girls (my two chooks) who immediately raced up expecting to be given a hand out and roamed around looking for something inspiring to photograph.  Nothing presented itself immediately, so I plugged in the pump to the rainwater tank and proceeded to water the garden.  This created some interesting effects (drops on leaves etc.) and made me notice the large Orb Weaver spider that has taken up residence above the rosemary bush.  He is so large now (he's been there for a few weeks living high off the hog on all of the flies, bees, moths, etc. that fly into his very extensive web (couple of metres across)).  His web is gorgeous in the sunlight - it shines gold not silver.  I have taken some photos (not easy because of the angle of the sun and the bees buzzing threateningly around my knees) but not sure if they will turn out.  I then pursued the girls around the yard trying to take some good chook photos, but they are so quick I think I will have a lot of chooky blurs and chook bums (they can turn around so fast!).  I was really into my photography by then, so the camera is full of water effects, spray effects, and goodness knows what.  Still on a photography fix I came inside in time to see some interesting light effects on a glass paper weight on my computer desk.  A piece of gold xmas paper, a glass  paperweight and a torch later, I have a camera full (I hope) of interesting abstract photographs with all sorts of light spectrum effects and interesting shapes.  I was really, really getting into it when the darn camera battery ran out of juice and brought my creative genius to an abrupt end! Soooooo annoying!!!  So the battery is on charge, I'm really frustrated waiting for it to charge but a bit of luck there will soon be some interesting photos on my website.  Now,  an iron and a laundry basket of tie dye awaits me, ho hum.  Once they are ironed they will be up on my website and Artfire or Zibbet as soon as I can get them on there (never enough hours in the day, especially when you waste an hour or two pursuing reluctant chooks around the back yard!).  I hate ironing with a passion, so why I decided to pursue tie dying which involves a lot of ironing of t-shirts is really beyond me!  Been on a diet for a week and haven't lost an ounce, so to hell with it, tonight it is bacon and eggs for tea and I don't care  (oops make that burnt bacon and eggs - I think I better sign off for now).  Cheers.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hi Everyone - Welcome to Heatherian Studios and DinamikTiDi

Big Hello to anyone who has logged on to this, my new blog site.  I am assuming that if you have found me, you are interested in arts and crafts and have clicked on a link it has taken me all day to figure out how to do.  Thanks for the interest.

As facebook seems to have completely deleted my blogging pages (not happy about that one facebook !), I have decided to stretch my limited brain capacity and set up a blog site for myself.  Now that I have spent hours going around and around in circles through various menus (skipping anything that I just had absolutely no clue about) I have finally got to the point of typing something.  Problem is I now have total brain fade, my stomach thinks my throat has been cut, I am having caffeine withdrawals  and I can't think of all the things I wanted to put on here (I also cannot figure out yet how to get pictures on here), so my apologies for the boring blog.  I have however figured out how to put a website address.   Our heatherian website is at  if you are interested.  If you go there you will see items made by myself and other family and friends (please be patient - it too is a work in progress - I am on a steep learning curve at present).   You will also find me at
and at  and at  (woo hoo - look at that 4 links!  You have no idea how many hours and hours it has taken me to set up all these things - not easy when you don't even know what a url is).  Just as well my partner is computer literate (although I think he would like to go into hiding today for some reason).

Today I am supposed to be rinsing out a batch of tie dye t-shirts instead of waffling on here, so I will sign off for now and hopefully I will shortly have some nice images of said t-shirts to show you. Have a great day all.  Cheers.