Thursday, 12 January 2012

EEK! I'm Going to Uni and PCAC Past Newsletters Find A Home

Hi everyone out their in blog land,

Sorry its been a while since I last checked in.  Did you like my little poem in the last blog (first one I've written in years).

Anyway, this is just a quick little note to let you know (if I haven't already told you that is)  that I am the new editor of the Port Community Arts Centre Inc. newsletter (I'm still not sure if this is a good or bad thing - time and my blood pressure results will decide).  

Taking this on has meant that I have had to do a crash course teaching myself about desktop publishing software and strange things like text boxes and linking and grouping and word art and on and on until my brain was full.  It also meant I had to learn to control my anger and frustration with the software, and to continually wrestle with my overwhelming urge to swear and hurl a troublesome printer into an outer earth orbit.  I also had to ransack the spare room and hunt up my old Drake secretary's handbook to check punctuations  and brush up on the old grammar, hem hem!  It's a long, long, long time since I was a secretary.  Anyway, my first newsletter was produced before Xmas and the next one will go out sometime over the next couple of weeks, God willing.  

Thanks to the genius and generosity of Ron's best friend Stewart, who has set up and hosted it for free on his web server, past copies of the newsletter will now be available to be viewed on the web by anyone who wishes to read them (and I know there's one or two of you out there (no names mentioned) who will read it just to see if you can catch me out on the ol' grammar issue won't you?).

So, if you wish to take a look at my first editorial attempt, or if you wish to view future copies of the newsletter, then follow this link:

and then click on any link that looks like its a newsletter.  The parent directory link directly above will take you to my own website (feel free to click on that too if you wish).  

I know it looks a bit basic at present, but at least it works.  Sometime when I get the chance and just for the historical aspect of setting up a newsletter archive of PCAC activities, I will scan and endeavour to place some older editions on to the site.  I am sure some of them have had interesting articles in them (that's if I can find some lying around somewhere). 

As if that wasn't enough of a challenge for my tired old brain, which is creeping ever faster towards senility, I am about to commence a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art full time through an online university (I have long suspected I had masochist tendencies and this decision has confirmed it - why do I do these things to myself... why...why...why.....what was I thinking.....).  

If this blog is a little neglected in future, or if it turns into a dialogue of laments about the hardships of studying, or the gut wrenching panic of realizing that nothing you have spent half a day reading has sunk in to your memory, or sad tales about wishing one's mind would expand as fast as one's waistline when sitting at a computer all day, please forgive me.  

I suspect that I am going to be head down, hunched anti-socially over my overworked and beloved Apple Mac, all the while scratching my head in total confusion for the next 4 years (I'll probably get a bald spot from scratching or stress related alopecia).  I'll be up to my neck in art books with  dictionary in hand (to try and understand all that confusing art terminology) surrounded by an ever more neglected house and garden (at least the chooks know how to fend for themselves most of the time). 

Hopefully at the end of the ordeal I shall emerge from my labours with a brilliantly creative old brain, newly revitalized and ready to tackle the art world head on, dazzling them with my newly found artistic genius (optimism), and burdened by a HECS debt I will probably never be able to pay on an artist's earnings  (reality).  At least I'll be arts educated and able to look at works of art (like that silly all black square painting in the National Gallery)  and waffle on dropping some impressive arty words into my comments and sounding like I'm someone who knows what they are talking about, instead of being the person who stands there and says "what the **%#* is that supposed to be! (optimism).  (Actually, I suspect that after 4 years of study I'll probably still look at something like that and say "what the **%#* is that supposed to be! (reality)). 

Ooo, oooo, I nearly forgot - I'm getting an I-Pad 2 (yaayyyyyy!).  "What! How can you, a poor uni student working only 9 hours a week now, how, can you afford it?"  I hear you cry.  Well, it turns out that all my continual maxing out of the credit card over the past couple of years has finally paid off - we had enough award points to get one.  Oh, just think how up to the minute and intellectually, technically, trendy I'll look when I'm researching in the library holding my I-Pad 2 (optimism), although I suppose everyone else will have a super smart lap top to use and be able to afford to connect their devices to the internet (reality - ho hum).  Well, I'm getting one anyway, even if I can't afford to connect to the internet yet.

OK, I guess that is all for today, unless anyone reading this out there would like to donate a raffle prize to the PCAC raffle (in which case feel free to email me instantly).

Cheers all, have a great day/night, whatever it is where ever you are.

(Editor Extraordinaire (hem, hem))

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