Saturday, 26 March 2011

Umbrellas Again

Hi all

Well, I finally completed another in my Umbrella Series of paintings.  This latest one is called "Umbrella Jellyfish" and it is a watercolour.  I drew umbrellas in a pattern that looked (to me) like a jellyfish and then painted them with translucent watercolours to try and make them look like graceful delicate jellyfish, whilst still being umbrellas.  Not sure if everyone will agree I suceeded, but I'm happy with it for now.  Next one is umbrellas in space - have drawn umbrellas into a pattern that looks like a space module (well I think it does).  Can't decide whether to paint them in bright colours against a dark universe or whether to make them look a bit more like standard space craft ( white with red and blue touches) - ahhh decisons, decisions!  

Am still chuffed about selling 2 paintings at the Port Art Show, but must get cracking and do more paintings!  I've got artwork in a few more Artfire collections today too, so it is nice people are noticing my work and like it enough to want to include it in their collections  (on Artfire I am heatherian).  I am most grateful to them for the exposure.

Tie dye is progressing and a few more DinamikTiDi items will appear on Artfire and Zibbet hopefully over the next few days.  Time for coffee I think.  Cheers.

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