Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Butterflies for Rosemary

Hi all,

I'm about the go to work, but just thought I'd let you know I have just put a new Artfire collection up called "Butterflies for Rosemary".  For those who don't know, an artfire collection is where we put up a collections of items we like made by other people on Artfire.  I did this one for my friend Rosemary, who is busy breeding lots of butterflies in her back yard - such a nice thing to do with your garden.  So, if you like butterflies check it out at the Artfire collections site

Hope you enjoy it and if you are really in to butterflies if you go to the Artfire browse section and type in butterflies you will get pages more of lovely hand crafted butterfly items.

These are photos I took of some of Rosemarys caterpillars.  They are hungry little guys!  

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