Wednesday, 15 June 2011

World War 1 Clever Postcards

 Hi everyone,

Just thought I would share these with you.  I was going through and scanning some old postcards that my Grandpa brought back from the middle east.  His name was Frank George Taylor and he was a soldier in the 3rd Light Horse which was an Australian cavalry unit which served in Egypt and Palestine.  These postcards were amongst various items and photos that were brought back home by him.  I am sure that they were considered rather racey and improper back in 1918,  but you can see how they would have appealed to lonely young men at war who were lacking female company in general.   I don't think they would have been the postcards they would have sent back to mum though (hem hem).  The top one is called "The Sultan Of Turkey" and the bottom one is called "Father Time" and I think they are really rather cleverly done.  It is not the sort of art that I would do, but it is interesting. 


The postcards below, also from the same era are more like the ones that a soldier's mum and sisters would have received. Amazing that postcards were embroidered! They are charming little works of art too.  These were also amongst my grandparents effects. Most of the embroidered ones are from Europe during WW1 and were sent by my grandma's brother Stan to his mother and sisters.  He was serving in Europe at the time and suffered later in life from the effect of being gassed with Mustard Gas. 

Anyway - way past my bed time so I'll say goodbye for now.


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