Wednesday, 15 June 2011

World War 1 Religious Icon Cards From The Middle East

Hi everyone,

Further to my previous blog re the postcards brought back from the middle east after World War 1 by my grandpa Frank George Taylor, I found and scanned these very different ones which I thought might be of interest to anyone who liked religious icon  art.  They are a from a set of cards showing pictures  of christian saints and each one has lengthy descriptions written on the reverse which, I assume, are about their saintly deeds.

I am not sure from what church they originate, as I cannot read the writing but it looks like it might be Greek.  My grandpa was in Egypt and Palestine and went to Bethsheba  and Jerusalem.  Although I am not religious myself,  I can appreciate the serene and colourful beauty of these cards.  I am certain that during times of war representations like these  must have been of comfort to many people as they went through the various tragedies and misfortunes in their lives, caused by the conflict in their countries.

I do not know if they were given to my grandpa by someone he met during the war, whether they were taken from someone who died,  or whether he simply saw and liked them and bought them for himself.  I do not know who they all are,  although one is probably Jesus (maybe someone out there in blogging land will know and be able to put a name to them?).  Anyway, for those who like art here they are (I  have given each a number so that if someone does know who or what they are they can leave a comment and use the nr. as a reference).

Although they are now getting very old, they have still retained their lovely colours.

No 1.

No 2.

No 3.

No 4.

No 5.

No 6.

No 7.

No 8.

No 9.

No 10.

No 11.

No 12.

No 13.
No 14.

Hope you like this little presentation of art and faith  from long ago.  In keeping with the theme of these cards, may peace, safety and happiness be with you all until we blog again.  Cheers.

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