Saturday, 14 May 2011

Artfire Collections Mania

Hi everyone

I don't know what possessed me the other day but in a moment of computer insanity I decided that I would do a new Artfire collection.  Artfire collections are curated by members of Artfire and consist of items that  a  member has liked enough to put into a collection.  The collection consists  of 12 items and  is then published  on the Artfire site.  Collections are usually selected with some type of theme in common e.g. colour, type of content, etc.  If you follow this link it should take you to the collections page and you can search on any type of thing you want

Anyway, I thought I'd do some paintings by the members of our Artfire "A Passion For Painting" Guild.  So, I set to looking them all up and yep, you guessed it - there were a lot more of them than I thought!  They are such a talented and passionate bunch of artists that I thought I couldn't really leave anyone out.  One collection turned into a series of 7 collections and took me HOURS!  I nearly went nuts trying to make sure I had included something from every member.  So there is now a "A Passion For Painting" series of collections 1 - 7 and you can search for them in the collections menu under that name or you can visit my Artfire studio at and click on the collections button (you will then see all the collections I have ever done).  So if you like looking at the art of other talented artists please take a look at the studios of the guild members whose work I have featured - you will find even more exciting art to look at.  There is also a facebook site (entitled "A Passion For Painting Guild) " where anyone can go to see what guild members and followers are up to.   

It is actually fun doing collections as you get to look at lots of brilliant art and craft items, so if you have an Artfire studio and haven't yet done a collection - give it a try - its enjoyable and there's help menus if you get stuck.   

Of course, I got so involved putting everyone else's art into the collections that I forgot to put anything of my own in any of them (daaahhhh!) - never mind - I'll just chalk that up on the ever increasing list of senior moments!

Thanks to all those people who forwarded  the collections around on their blogs and twitter  -  I don't have twitters (except for the ones in my bird aviaries) - I've only just mastered blogs.  I will master this twitter thing at a later time (I'll just settle for being a bit twitty for now).  Have a great day everyone, cheers.



  1. The collections were beautiful and how time consuming it must have been for you to do this! Deep from your heart I am sure. Rhonda/rhomy

  2. Thanks for your kind comment - it is so hard to sell our art, it just seemed like something I had to do at the time! Here's hoping people will take the time to look up the artists studios and see what lovely stuff they all have! Cheers.