Sunday, 6 November 2011

At Last - A Flower!

Hi everyone, 

This is just a real quick blog, but I just had to share.  Spring has arrived in my back yard.  I've had this plant for years, sitting in a pot doing nothing.  At last, after waiting for what has seemed like forever and after warding off goodness knows how many snails, and after the liberal application of copious amounts of Henny and Penny's chookie poo - taa daaaa - I have a flower!

As you can see it is a pink flower.  I have absolutely no idea what it is called but it is  really quite large and some type of bulb.   The flowers are about the size of a bread and butter plate.   If anyone has any idea what it is, please let me know.  

And that is all for today - I'm going out to take more photos - so exciting!


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